secrets_of_universe"The universe consists solely of waves of motion...There exists nothing other than vibration." relates Walter Russell


Simply explained: Everything is energy, vibrating at various frequencies. For our HEALTH: The energy must keep flowing throughout our body, without blockages and in the correct frequencies to balance our body parts for cellular communication.

Vibranz has identified specific frequencies that match the optimum state of health for each of the body’s organs and systems. These are called Blueprint Frequencies. ZeroPoint utilizes a proprietary technology to imprint bio-resonate waveforms on light, as a carrier of Blueprint Frequencies, to imbalanced body parts. The body, through its own inductive capacitance, integrates the energy to balance the deficient body part. When the organs and systems of the body are attuned with the correct frequencies, the body returns to a balanced state. The body is able to protect and heal itself when it is in balance.

Our bodies are being constantly stressed by conditions that are man made. Cell phones, televisions, computers, microwaves, satellites, and virtually anything that plugs into the wall are emitting electromagnetic waves that attack our body’s natural Biofield. Because our bodies are nothing more than vibrating energy, our natural Biofields are severely assaulted by these conflicting energies. Of course, our lifestyles do not help the situation, either.
The results are…
Weaker immune systems
Increased fatigue
Greater stress
Higher tension
Discontent and mood swings
Even many degenerative diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and so on.

By allowing the cells of the body to become balanced through the integration of the BluePrint Frequencies, the body is surrounded with a protective buffer which improves sleep, focus, energy, a sense of calmness, and enhanced immunity.
A few rejuvenating effects:

Greater energy and less stress
A heightened state of awareness
Rapid post surgical healing
Relief from PMS symptoms
Relief from muscle and joint pain
Relief from hang-over, jet lag, and toothache
Greater peace-of-mind and less anxiety
A general sense of peace and well-being

Think of our personal Biofields of energy (aura area) as the protectors of our bodies. We must heal our Biofields for improved healing of our bodies. The Vibranz System works by creating a 3 to 5 foot “balancing” field around the body to offset the chaotic effects of EMF impact on our personal Biofields. Vibranz immediately neutralizes the effects of EMF and ELF waves in both our bodies and our foods.

Vibranz has many tools to help us balance our body so we can heal. All of these tools have been infused with BluePrint Frequencies. The Frequencies vary somewhat with each tool.
Red NaturaLaser Pointer:
has been energized and programmed with 60 essential Blueprint frequencies, primarily for the muscular system and skin.
Green Naturalaser pointer:
has been energized and programmed with 98 essential Blueprint frequencies for the organs and systems of the body.
Sirius Infinity Pointer: contains semi-precious stones infused with proprietary frequencies. These frequencies bring the body into balance and energetic homeostasis. Set with intent.
Basic / Sirius Balance Pendants:
Get the essential 24-hour protection and increased well being with the ZeroPoint Pendants with up to 248 BluePrint Frequencies. Have essential daily protection wherever you are while giving your body the full spectrum of benefits the zero-point technology offers.
3.5″ and 8″ Frequency Discs: enhance your food’s taste and extend the life of fruits and vegetables. Relieves aches, pains, and headaches when applied to the body. All my food and drinks go on a disc before consuming.
Personal Environment Transformer:
a 2-inch, 3-sided black obsidian pyramid infused with ZeroPoint™ technology found to be balancing to the biofield and calming to the individual. Place in any room or your car, workplace or travel.
Sirius Earth Hearts:
are adhesive “stickers” comprised of proprietary ZPG frequencies infused into fine crystals to protect the body from harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) and help bring the body into balance and energetic homeostasis. Place on computer and other electronics.

I offer UPLIFTING FACIALS & ENERGETIC FACELIFTS in my Energy Healing in the salon.

ENERGETIC FACIAL WORKSHOPS are offered in Healing Home Parties. (explained below)
The following Frequency Infused products, plus a Laser, are used in both, the salon and your home.

Mint Matrix Oil Vera: Over 1140 Frequencies for restoring balance.
Citrus Silk Oil Vera:
Over 425 Frequencies for restoring balance.
AUM Clay:
is a 100% pure, natural Kaolin Clay infused with Blueprint Frequencies.
Sirius Silver:
is a solution of pure distilled water carrying a vibrational, electronically charged signature of the element silver and has been embedded with Blueprint Frequencies.
ARC Vision:
formula delivers frequencies for broader and clearer vision in all aspects of sight.

is an absolutely amazing set of tools that positivelyintention_disc clears the traumatic emotional memories stored in your 50-100 trillion cells. These traumatic memories can be conscious (known stress) but mostly subconscious memories from past lives, genetics and this life. Many, many problems in your psychological and physical health are being caused by this trauma in your cells.

The Intention Disk and Sodalite Pendant (Clear Set) are infused with BluePrint Frequencies to match frequencies in our bodies. The two together provide balance to the body through Vibranz Energy, allowing the mind-body complex to clear incoherent energy and achieve harmony and minimize the effects of stress and outside influences on our organs and internal systems. They remove incoherent energy while applying coherent energy for balance.

The Intention Disc has more frequencies to clear toxic waveforms in our foods, liquids, personal care products and our traumatic memories. It is used with the intention that you command. The spiral design is a Universal design for clearing.

The Sodalite Pendant has more frequencies to provide balanced energy, enhanced intuition, enhanced self-esteem, self-acceptance and trust in others and supports the clearing of the Intention Disc.

Here is a partial list of where BluePrint Frequencies affect the body (human, animal, plants). Organs, Immune, Cellular, Spinal, Electrolytic, Light & Sound, Respiratory, Circulatory, Vertebrae, Muscle, Skeletal, Ingestion, Evacuation, Brain, Skin, Ligament, Dental, Auditory, Visual, Lymphatic, Endocrine, Male Reproductive, Connective Tissue, Cartilage Tissue, Female Reproductive Basically, If it’s cells, it’s affected.

Contact me for wholesale on any of the above. or An added note: These amazing products can be purchased retail or you can join the company and order anything wholesale. But, the big deal is you can go on autoship (I change my products every month) and pay less than wholesale for products plus there is no shipping charges. You can also do the multi-level marketing or don’t do it. It’s all your choice. Believe me that once you start using these products for yourself, you will want more because they are so amazing. Go to to join or to just browse around and read more on the particular product. It’s truly fantastic healing tools.


Besides offering the ENERGETIC FACIAL Workshops in the Healing Home Parties, there are CLEARING EMOTIONAL TRAUMA Sessions available. Both are impressive and very rewarding. New: 2-3 hour Group Sessions on ENERGY, PAIN CONTROL, PTSD/Hi-STRESS, WEIGHT-LOSS, ADDICTIONS, LOSS OF LOVED ONE, etc.



Clearing Emotional Trauma Session Home Party: Everyone needs Clearing, no matter what the age or sex. We hold trauma because we aren’t able to process it at the time of the event and it’s stored as incoherent wave form. I will do at least one Clearing for an Event. Each can pick their own event. This one is a conscious Clearing. Could be from abuse, divorce, death of loved one, accident, a particular health issue being passed on thru DNA, etc. I will also do a Clearing on genetics and health issues. We will do approximately 60 minutes of Clearings.
Before we do the Clearings, I will do a slide presentation of why and what can be done for Lifestyle Changes. This helps everyone to understand simply how the body actually works without all the hype and what they can do on there own. A Session lasts about two hours with everyone sitting around comfortably. They will hold the BluePrint Frequencies stones in their hands. I do all the work. There must be at least eight participating for $25 each. The host or hostess will receive a $50 Private Energy Healing Session.

energetic_facialsEnergetic Facial Workshop Home Party: These are such fun and can be incorporated with lunch. Your face is cleansed, detoxed, exfoliated and moisturized with special oils infused with BluePrint Frequencies. These frequencies will not only bring the cells of your skin into balance but will restore energy frequencies through communication pathways through your whole body. 100’s of frequencies will be applied for cell communication and to bring your body into balance. Your whole body will be healthier thru this facial. You may invite, men, women or teens for this workshop.
A Workshop lasts an hour or so. Everyone will need a table or TV tray. This time they do the work.
There must be eight participating for $25 each.
The host or hostess will receive a $50 Private Energy Healing Session.

* Decide which type of party you would like to host and reserve a time for the HEALING HOME PARTY with me.
* Invite friends and relatives.
* Remember each type of party is for a certain amount of people that may participate. Include yourself in that number.
* Collect your payments from party participants.
* Schedule and receive your Private Energy Healing Session within 30 days.
* Remind participants the day before. They do not have to be believers of energy healing. All will still do wonders for them.

It’s abundantly clear that an amazing convergence is occurring in the evolution of wellness research, quantum physics, and spirituality. This line of high thought has taken us beyond drugs and chemotherapy, past western medicine, and even beyond integrative, natural healing! It’s literally a new frontier, easily as promising as other new fields such as stem cell research.



We hold conscious and subconscious traumatic memories in our 50-100 trillion cells. We hold these traumatic memories because we aren’t able to process it at the time of the event and they are stored as incoherent wave form. Then we also have the generations of trauma passed down from our parents and their parents, etc.

PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can develop after a person has experienced or witnessed a traumatic or terrifying event in which serious physical harm occurred or was threatened. For a person with PTSD, however, these feelings continue and even increase, becoming so strong that they keep the person from living a normal life.

ADDICTIONS:  ANYTHING taken to the extreme can become an addiction.

Let’s start releasing these Emotional Traumatic Memories, conscious or subconscious, layer by layer. All you have to do is sit quietly and listen to the video. Understand: the Setting Intent may take a couple minutes; be patient.

PTSD Clearing Emotional Trauma Memories

ADDICTIONS Clearing Emotional Trauma Memories