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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can extensions be worn?
Indefinitely for the LOC-in type of extensions.  Maintenance can be done on the entire head every three months or monthly, a section at a time. As long as you are using the correct products and taking care of your extensions properly, you should be able to wear extensions for years and years. You may have to get longer ones as your hair grows longer.

Is black hair different?
"Black hair" can 'hold' most types of extensions; whereas, "white hair", allows many types of extensions to 'slip out'. The newest LOC-in hair extensions are suitable for all types of hair.

How are the LOC-ins applied?
LOC-in hair extensions involves no glue, no heat and doesn't damage the hair. I put in a tiny, tiny little copper tube on a little section of your hair and the new blended 100% human hair extension comes in a section to a point. This is put in the tube with your hair and is crimped four or five times to close the tube around all hair. Great detail is placed on every attachment so no hair is out of place. By being so precise, you are able to brush your scalp and hair so there will be no matting. 

Is glue damaging to the hair?
Yes!!! Companies have come up with different terms or names to get away from the word ‘glue’, but, if it’s being bonded to the hair, it’s glue. Glue is hard and applies a lot of pressure to the hair. The chemicals also react on the hair. I used to do ‘double fusion’ before this new system became available. I would be so neat and careful applying the extensions, but, there would still be a lot of damage and the matting. That’s a whole another story. And another story is the finger blisters.

Will you get matting from LOC-ins?
NO!!! Not if you follow the home maintenance routine. This type of extensions is the only one that allows you to brush your scalp area. When you have extensions, you will naturally lose some of your own hair. It doesn’t fall on the floor or go down the drain because it’s still connected in the extension attachment. In LOC-ins, between the shell (tube connection) and your scalp, you will have short strands with a white bulb on the end. This is hair that has naturally shed, but is still connected. If you do not brush these strand smooth, like you do the other ends of your hair, you will get ‘matting’.  Matting is horrible and can spread over all extension area. This can be prevented with LOC-ins. Brushing of the scalp is only possible with this type of extensions.

What type of client would want this type of extensions?
This method that was created for a client who uses many chemical processes; Perms, Relaxers, Colors and Bleach. LOC-ins is for the client that doesn’t necessarily want anyone to know she has extensions. Also, someone that doesn’t want lumps in her hair when she’s trying to sleep. As an added bonus, black lights do not make them glow. (we are in Vegas) If you want extensions that look natural, are not bulky, hold up to virgin hair chemical treatment, but do not do damage to your own hair, then LOC-ins are for you!

Do you have certain restrictions with LOC-ins?
Of course, as with any kind of extensions. The most important rule is no oil. Products with oil in it will work their way into the extension connection and make it slide. I am a REDKEN Specialist and recommend certain conditioning REDKEN products that condition but do not allow the extensions to slide out. The hair is applied with precision so there are no loops because you’ll want to brush your scalp. I go over all the Do’s and Don’ts with you and you take a copy home with you for reference.   

Are there restrictions in hair styles?
There are many restrictions with most types of  hair extensions, but, not so many with LOC-in hair extensions. Remember, it is a bunch of tiny little sections (probably 200) that all move separately. Most clients that receive extensions have FINE hair that doesn’t hold a curl and has no substance to it. When you style this fantastic hair, it stays styled. The hair extensions need not be long. They may be a medium length hair styles or even short hair styles. Usually short hair extensions are to achieve fullness in a short hair style. Whatever the length, the latest hairstyles can be achieved. Curls can be created for a curly or wavy do or make your hair straight, or scrunch it. Wear your hair extension hair style up or down. You will be shown the tricks to wearing it up.

What about the hair?
The hair is of the highest quality blended, 100% human Remy hair that, if treated correctly on your head, can be used over and over. The hair can be straight, scrunched or curled. Most of the time we place two, three or more colors in your hair to make it look really natural or stylish. 

What if my hair is damaged?
No one should have to suffer with damaged hair or badly colored hair. I am a specialist with color correction. I am also a licensed REDKEN Specialist with many, many conditioners and formulas available for me to use. Usually, I have to do some sort of color on your hair before the extensions are put in. If you have highlighted hair, only the top area of your own hair needs to be highlighted because the rest of your head will have extensions with highlight colors in it. As far as length, I need enough hair in a little section to place the shell on it a safe distance from the scalp and still be able to hold it with two fingers. Each row covers the row beneath it. If you don’t have enough hair on top of your head to cover the top row or it’s too thin, you may need a wiglet or hairpiece. See our pictures of a badly damaged head and a complete color change and correction in our Photo Section.

Tell me about maintenance.
Once you have received your beautiful, long, full head of hair, you have a few options as to maintenance. Some leave these extensions in for three months and then purchase all new hair. Others, after three months, have them removed, conditioned and put in again. But, most everyone comes in for maintenance once a month. A section is removed, conditioned and reapplied near the scalp with new shells (tubes or tips). If you have any split ends on your own hair, they are removed. After three months of maintenance, the whole head has been maintained and it’s time to start over. Check out Maintenance in our Photo section.

What are the prices?
Prices are based on how many strands are needed and at what length. The cost is for each strand. The total price for the hair, which you purchase in the beginning, includes the cost of hair shapings and application.  After that, you will be paying for maintenance; the hair is already yours. Maintenance is priced by the hour.
Call for more information and receive an exact quote during consultation.

SINCERELY YOURS Private Salon has you come in for a free consultation. You will see what the hair is like and how it is put in. The application is discussed for your ‘over all’ goal for wanting extensions and how many strands will be needed. LOC-ins are priced by each strand (sometimes 1/2 of what is being charged on the strip, possibly by cosmetologists that have been trained by SINCERELY YOURS). If you decide to have the LOC-ins applied and are placing the order for the highest quality blended, 100% human Remy hair, a 50% deposit is required. The hair is ordered after any color correction that may be necessary on your hair has been corrected. The appointment is set up for the application. All color correction and/or hair shaping on your hair is done before application. After application your ‘new’ hair is blended with your ‘old’ hair and ‘you are thrilled, excited, and amazed at how great your hair looks.

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