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"The hair is great, I love the feel and look. I also can tell you that the copper tubes are more comfortable than the old one's. I cannot feel them in at all and this hair is so soft and easy to brush. I like this company you are working with better. You cannot even tell they are extensions even when I pull them back or run my fingers through them. I think the tubes are shorter as well. It is wonderful."

-- K.A. Lake Las Vegas

"My hair is very fine and only grows to a point just past my shoulders. I had never tried extensions before and was nervous about damaging my hair. Gloria explained Loc-In Extensions in great detail from how they work, steps I can take to keep my hair & extensions in great shape to which products to use and actual benefits of Loc-In Extensions such as scalp stimulation. In 4 hours I had thicker hair that went down to my lower back. And no one knew they were extensions because Gloria matched my colors perfectly. I have had them in for 3 years now and can't live without them."

-- Amy

"I started out looking into extensions after spending HUNDREDS only to have my own hair ruined by going to many different salons and never getting the cut or color I wanted. After weeks of research on the internet, I found myself totally confused with all the different techniques available. I called a few places and most were too busy to even talk or answer any questions. Then I found Gloria Bell. After reading her website I felt confident she was very knowledgeable with years of experience.

We set up an appointment for a consultation to go over all the different types and every detail about getting extensions. Was I scared and nervous? Heck yeah I was! This was a big investment and probably more than I could afford, but I wanted it done right. I knew there were places that were cheaper, but I didn’t want another botched up job on my hair.

She listens to what you want and is so easy to talk to and more than happy to answer all my questions. She informed me there are many different types of this system under different names using plastic tubes and or poor quality hair, and explained that she only uses high quality European hair and assured me the Euro-Loc system was the safest and easiest on my own hair. She showed me exactly how they are put in and very through about the care, what products to use, the cost, and monthly maintenance.

We set up another appointment to color my own hair to match the extensions perfectly. At this point she recommended some Redken products to get my own hair in better condition first. Wow! Just 2 days after I noticed a huge improvement!! I knew then this lady knows her stuff. Plus, she went out of her way to order the exact color I wanted and to get them in as soon as possible.

Just 3 days later I had long thick beautiful Blonde hair! I have seen so many really poor extensions that are too thin, scraggly and just looks fake. She takes her time to do this right and takes great pride in her work. Not just to make a quick buck.

Afterward she went over all the Do’s and Don’ts so that my hair will last for years.

I highly recommend Gloria for any kind of hair care, cut, color, or extensions. I have FINALLY found my stylist I know I can trust! She really does care about you being completely happy . Yay! Thank YOU !"

-- Cindee

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