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Hair Extension Maintenance

These pictures are maintenance on the bottom back (nape) area of naturally wavy hair. We also added some hot pink and very light blonde extensions around the top area and highlights to match.

MAINTENANCE:  This is something that some salons do not do. They would rather have you get an extreme makeover of all new hair extensions in three months.  That’s fine and dandy if money and time is no object for you. This process is being based on a full head of extensions. 

SINCERELY YOURS Private Salon offers two options:

First of all you can go three months with no maintenance except to brush your scalp at home every day to keep the matting out. Then come in and have all the extensions removed, any split ends removed, the extension hair trimmed, if necessary and rebonded, then all put back on your head with new shells (tubes or tips) and you will be able to have your long hair styles again. This requires, at least, six to seven hours. Oh, and you will probably need your hair color touched up, also. This is great for my clients that come from ‘out-of-town’ to Las Vegas for their hair extensions.

Next choice is come every 30 days for maintenance. Your hair extensions are divided into three sections. Each month we maintain one section of your hair extensions. We remove that section, remove any split ends, the extension hair is trimmed, if necessary and rebonded, then all put back on your head with new shells (tubes or tips). Eventually, all hair extension sections are on the head three months. This is approximately two hours a month for maintenance. You may also need your hair color touched up, which is usually a monthly process unless you are highlighted or lowlighted.

Hair extensions will shed some during the month even if you do everything properly, use the correct shampoo and conditioners, have good water, and follow a regimen for your maintenance. It is impossible to secure every tiny hair strand; so, you will have some shedding. Over time we will have to double up on some of the hair strands and add a few more, which is not a ‘big deal’.

Of course, you always have the option of replacing all your hair extensions every three months.

Most of your hair will grow faster when you have hair extensions in your hair. This is one reason why you should decide on a maintenance schedule and stick to it, otherwise, it will get out of control. The longer the hair grows without maintenance, the more the extension connection will move away from your scalp. This will make it harder to brush the scalp area and the strands will twist more and be hard to keep covered.

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