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Gloria Bell

Gloria Bell is SINCERELY YOURS, a Private Salon. SINCERELY YOURS offers excellent, private, one-on-one personal attention and is centrally located. We, actually LISTEN to you.

SINCERELY YOURS has been in Las Vegas, from Indiana, since 1995. Experience started in 1960 with attending too many classes to count and presenting many educational classes. She was a beauty instructor for a Chicago Modeling School and Agency.  As President of National Cosmetology Association of three counties for three terms, she held education every month in hair styles, hair color, chemical work, extensions, hair cuts, etc.  

SINCERELY YOURS has been certified from Perma-Derm Academy (Dermalogist) in Permanent Cosmetic Makeup since 1988 and refreshed in 2005. In 1996 Gloria became a Certified Professional Color Consultant. She produced a video on “Color Analysis Made Simple”. This video was made for cosmetologists, in hopes they would have a more in-depth understanding of how important the correct colors makes their clients look and feel, especially in hair, makeup and clothes. The video is explained more on www.lasvegasmakeovers.com. She is writing an eBook on Color Analysis Made Simple for the public to download on their computer. www.ebooksforbeautyandhealth.com

the SALONREDKEN professional products and Gloria have worked together since the ‘60’s, when both started their professional careers. She became a Certified REDKEN Specialist in their first graduating class in 1997 and SINCERELY YOURS became an Ambassador Salon in 1987, specializing in color correction. During 2004, SINCERELY YOURS presented Beauty & Health Seminars for women, including the importance of Makeovers and some safety factors for women. 

Since 2001, Gloria has been training and educating cosmetologists for Hella’s Hair and Euro-locs on stage and in salons on the latest hair extension procedures. During her NCA affiliation, she had many opportunities to learn different extension methods, particularly for black hair. After coming to Vegas, SINCERELY YOURS was doing Double Fusion Extensions. This was the best for the time and she was very careful, so there wouldn’t be damage to the hair. No matter how careful she was, the pressure and heat of the glue caused damage and there was always matting. Just as she was about to ‘throw in the towel’ from blistered fingers and disgust, a new method (Eurolocs) became available for cosmetologist. They had been using this method on movie stars because there was no damage to the hair. This is the type of extensions she uses and trains with. Her name for this type of method is LOC-ins. Since SINCERELY YOURS has offered individual lashes for over 20 years, this latest rage of layered and single lashes works in with hair extensions. Hair extensions for the lashes.

With all this experience and knowledge, SINCERELY YOURS has put together a program “Personal Beauty Analysis & Makeover” consisting of a complete Color Analysis, Skin Type & Care, Makeup Application and Lesson, Hair shaping, Suggested Hair Color & Techniques, and Suggestions for Body Shape Tricks with a Health Analysis for men, women, and children. www.lasvegasmakeovers.com

Sometimes it is a problem for the client to come to the salon, so our salon will go to homes, offices or hotels, and across country. Being a hair color Specialist, most haircolor, especially color corrections, is done in the salon.

Extension training for salons across country is explained in the Education section. 

SINCERELY YOURS represents Beauty.
Experience and knowledge speak through Gloria.

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