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Thinning hair
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Do you have thinning hair?

Gloria Bell

For everyone that needs to improve their hair and scalp situation: 
Since the early 60’s, I have been waiting for the ‘miracle’ that prevents hair loss and makes hair grow. I have finally found mine and, hopefully, your ‘miracle’. I was kind of expecting a pill; but, the LaserComb is great.
I have, over the years, had so many men and women clients that needed the LaserComb and now it is available.
Please read the information on this fantastic product and let your friends and relatives know about the LaserComb.

alopecia...baldness...thinning hair...shedding...
hair loss...slow hair growth...dull hair
These words no longer need to send shivers up your spine.
Now we have words from products that will combat those horrible words.
shiny hair...thicker hair...hair regrowth...rejuvinated follicles...new hair follicles...more manageable hair...grow hair...stimulates the scalp...energizes follicles...healthier hair
faster growing hair...low level energy laser.

Yes, you can have these wonderful words and at a LaserComb discount.

If you are losing your hair, we know you want a convenient, cost-effective solution that will deliver real results really fast. When used as directed, over 90% of HairMax users notice positive benefits starting in as little as 8 weeks. These results include: increased hair growth, cessation of hair loss, faster growing hair, more manageability and more vibrant color.

Read all the information of this fantastic laser comb. But, in a nutshell, this is the jist of it all: hair grows out of a tube under your scalp called a follicle. Your blood feeds the hair growing in this follicle. Shedding the old hairs is very normal. Even when you have extensions applied to your head, shedding is a situation we deal with. The problem after shedding is to get new cells to form hair in the same follicle that shed the original hair and to create new follicles. That is what the LaserComb does. It energizes the blood and cells to form hairs. It also improves the hairs that have not shed.

It is believed that the HairMax is an anagen inductor promoting healthy anagen (terminal) hair growth. Hair grows in cycles, Anagen - the active growth phase, Catagen - the resting phase and Telogen - the shedding phase. At any given time, 10-20% of your hair is in the Catagen or Telogen phase waiting to be shed and replaced by an active Anagen hair (similar to the way a baby tooth is pushed out by a permanent tooth).

The HairMax stimulates the scalp and energizes follicles in the Catagen or Telogen phase causing a new Anagen hair to be formed. These new Anagen hairs cause the old Catagen and Telogen hairs to shed now as opposed to being shed at a later time. This increase in Anagen hair activity results in a slight increase in shedding and should not be a cause for concern. The hairs being shed during this time are being replaced by new healthier stronger hairs. Supporting this hypothesis are user reports of increased hair shedding during the onset of treatment. This is a positive sign and, in-line with the Anagen induction hypothesis, indicates that hairs in the Catagen and Telogen phases are being stimulated to fall out of the scalp only to be replaced by healthier, thicker hair.

If you are noticing an increase in fallout during the early phases of your treatment, this is one of the most positive indicators that the HairMax is working for you.
As early as the first treatment, users report that their hair feels more lively, is more manageable and that their scalp feels healthier. Having “better hair days,” noticing more vibrant shine, having less scalp itch and experiencing significantly decreased hair fallout are just a few of the immediate benefits of using the HairMax.

Most users of the HairMax experience the benefits within the first 12 weeks. It is not uncommon for some users to require more than 12 weeks to experience the full benefits. Please remember, it is difficult to see hair growth on the top of your head. We recommend having a relative or hair dresser look into your scalp to recognize the new hair growth, It is important to note, though, that sometimes perceived benefits do not parallel actual benefits. While you may not experience dramatic improvements that are easily noticeable, little indicators, such as increased shine and manageability or an overall feeing of better scalp health, are signs that the HairMax is having a positive effect on your hair.

Our clinical studies and historical experience demonstrate that a HairMax user should see an average of 20% new hair growth. This is statistically significant but just as important to the 20% new hair growth, most users experience a reduction in shedding. This reduction in shedding is extremely significant. If left untreated, your hair loss would have continued and in six months to one year, your hair loss could look considerably worse. Using the HairMax to stabilize your loss will help to maintain your existing hair and retard the progression of pattern baldness.

If you don’t see results between 12 and 20 weeks, we encourage you to continue using the HairMax on a regular basis. Many of our users report that even in this time frame, with continued use, they slowly start to notice a thickening of their hair, and even show signs of re-growth.

thin hair before and after balding before and after

thicker hair hair loss

In order to reverse or stop the progression of hair loss, the entire hair-growing environment is stimulated by the unique characteristics of laser energy provided by the HairMax LaserComb. The HairMax LaserComb produces nine laser beams which generate columnated, coherent visible light in the red spectrum. Laser light in the red spectrum and with the appropriate power output has been clinically proven to be beneficial for cutaneous medicine. In addition, the HairMax LaserComb has a patented hair parting mechanism. This, combined with the precise alignment of the hair parting teeth to the individual laser beams provides a true direct path for the laser light to effectively bathe the scalp.

All living things, plants and animals alike, require a continual supply of energy in order to function. This energy is used for all of the processes which keep the organism alive.
Scientific studies have been performed showing that increases in the amount of the biological molecule adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, causes the individual cells to increase their activity. ATP works by releasing the endmost phosphate group when instructed to do so by an enzyme. This reaction releases a large amount of energy, which the organism can then use to build proteins and other cell functions.
The HairMax LaserComb provides stimulating laser energy in what we believe is a two fold approach to energize the weakened follicle. The hypothesis behind the HairMax LaserComb’s success combines increased vascularization and an increase in cellular metabolism. Laser energy has been demonstrated to increase the blood flow and circulation in the scalp. This increase in blood flow is crucial to promoting a healthy hair follicle. The increase in blood flow brings the important nutrients into the follicle, while taking away harmful waste products such as DHT. The increase in ATP increases cellular metabolism and cellular activity. The hair follicle now has the building blocks and energy to transform from a weakened follicle to one that is healthy and capable of producing beautiful, thick healthy hair. The enhanced environment then in turn invigorates the hair follicle which produces healthier hair, prevents further hair loss and stimulates the re-growth of hair.
The use of PhotoTherapy (light therapy) in medicine has a long history. Today’s PhotoTherapy devices are used to treat everyone from newborn infants suffering from jaundice to adults seeking relief from skin conditions.
The HairMax LaserComb is the only Laser Phototherapy Device to be given clearance to market by the FDA for the regrowth of hair with certain classes of androgenetic alopecia. 

The rules are simple:
 Use the LaserComb 3X’s a week for 10 - 15 minutes each time.
 Use sulphite free products.
 Eat healthier and take the correct natural vitamins for your hair. Remember your blood feeds your hair so you have to improve your blood.
That’s it!  

I do have Maintenance/Nutrition kits available that contain the correct shampoo, conditioner, nutrients for the scalp and vitamins for the body to work with the LaserComb. Even when I apply extensions to someone’s hair, they receive all the products necessary to maintain those extensions in the best possible way.

HairMax LaserComb Premium Features:

9 Laser Beams not 5 as in LaserComb SE
10-15 Minute Treatment Time not 15-20 minutes
10-15 Year Life Span not 5-7 year life span
2 Year Warranty not 1 year
FDA Approved but the LaserComb SE is not  

Your Premium Set Includes
($545.00 $450.00 Spring Special plus $15/shipping):

One HairMax LaserComb Premium®
Premium Leatherette Travel Case
Worldwide AC Power Adapter 110-240 Volts
User Manual
DVD or VHS instructional Video
Warranty Card
Quick Start Guide
Spare Set of Hair Parting Teeth


Healthy Hair Complete Bundle
($50.00 plus $15/shipping):

2 Bottles (Shampoo/Conditioner)
10.6 Fluid Ounces Each
1 Bottle (Activance) - 10.6 Fluid Ounces
1 Bottle (Vitamins) - 100 Count

The hair care products use only the finest, purely natural ingredients to provide you with a total hair care experience unlike any other.

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If you truly want to stop losing hair and have thicker hair from regrowth hair and rejuvenated follicles and new follicles, and shiny hair and more manageable hair from safe, low level energy laser (LLEL) at a LaserComb discount, order now.

HairMax LaserComb Premium with shipping   $465
Hair Maintenance and shipping   $65

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