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Since Product B is all natural ingredients forming the enzyme telomerase (a live enzyme in our
reproductive cells that are immortal), and has no bad side effects but will ‘fix’ all our damaged
cells to a younger, healthier state and I am not allowed to say “cure or heal”; I am posting
statements from those I know on Product B and what they’ve noticed so far.
Understand that it takes seven years for the 50-100 trillion cells in your body to replicate and be
‘fixed’ but only about 120 days for Product B to infiltrate every cell. This is why we’ve seen such
remarkable happenings that are just getting started. Can you imagine what is being ‘fixed’ that
we are not even seeing?
In just two meetings among those I do not know, I have seen and heard:
*men with new hair growth on their balding heads
*new hair coming in with pigment (natural color) at the roots on grey hair strands
*inches being lost from lost fat cells
*a paraplegic from a spinal injury having to be lifted from a wheel chair to standing on his own
with a cane to doing squats.
*a constipated 7 year old for over a year to normal bowel in two days
*from dementia to normal for that person
*hot flashes gone
Below are statements from those I know that have seen results and we will be adding
on to their statements as more health issues are addressed:

I started Product B 10/11 at 68 yrs. old with a needed hip and knee replacement, osteoporosis,
arthritis, glasses, and the usual aging problems. I gave up hiking four years ago because of the
pain. Within two weeks my pain was totally gone in my hip and just aching in my knee. Hip is
fixing damaged cells, but knee is reconstructing cells. My eyesight within one month went from
prescription glasses to strong over-the-counter glasses. Over time, I barely put on the weakest
over-the-counter glasses. I’m hearing things now that I never heard before. My skin tags are
gone. At four months, my age spots are almost gone and my wrinkles are improving. Who knows
what’s getting fixed inside me at 69, that I can’t see. Gloria B. Las Vegas #9419702

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