HEAL YOURSELF Starting with your CELLS

Do you realize that you are actually capable of healing yourself?
Did you know that your mind can control your body?
Do you understand that your body works automatically through your lifestyle until you change the programming?

We have some amazing (miraculous) healing available for us now! All you have to do is ‘open up’ to what we can do for ourselves. Isn’t it about time?

Through Channeling (I think of as reverse prayer), I have been given this process. We all Channel; we just don’t necessarily realize it. Have you ever had a great idea but have no idea where it came from? How about an amazing talent? Or, gone to sleep with a problem and woke up knowing the answer? That’s Channeling. And when you ask for help, the Channeling gets more profound. I was Channeled my book, “Healing Yourself Made SImple”, which turns out to be a health reference once you’ve connected to your cells and they are on the road to healing you.

Our 100 trillion cells are what we are composed of.
They are where everything is stored and where everything starts.
They are on a program or template to react according to our lifestyle, emotions, etc. They are constantly replicating (creating a new cell to replace the old), because we were created to live a long time.

The program I was Channeled, has me connecting you to your bodies cells and becoming in control. We change the programming or template of your cells to replicate to new, healthy cells with the DNA back in them and longer telomeres, rather than a copy of the old dying cells. Did you know that losing DNA in each replication causes our “old age’ because we lose the color of our hair, elasticity in the skin, etc. Now, NO MORE.

Once you are in control, you can get rid of Disease, Pain, Stress/PTSD, Addictions, all Health Issues and control your body Weight. I even have a Session for Reverse Aging, which is very powerful. There are separate programs for Autism and Pediatric Cancer.

My Cellular Reprogramming Healing Session consists of explaining our three bodies (Medical, Energy & Cellular) from my book, “Healing Yourself Made Simple”. Energy and Cellular are explained in detail. Many know nothing about energy or any of this.

Then we learn about Mind over Body, Intent, Visualization, Negative Energy, White light and Breathing properly for more oxygen in our cells. We Ground to Mother Earth and with proper breathing, do nine energy exercises to remove blockages and correct energy flow. Controlling your bodies cells and working with the Energy that flows through your body are two different things.

I then have you connect and become in control of your body cells and Reprogram your cells to a new template. Instead of replicating a dying cell to a copy of the old cell template, all new cells now replicate to a new, healthy cell with the DNA back in it and longer telomeres. All of this is explained in detail. You will also drop the ‘unfinished business’ from past lives (karma) that is stored in your cells causing havoc. You learn how to do Affirmations to help the cells perform what they were instructed to do. Overnight Remission is quite possible. Even the most disbeliever will totally heal over time. (As the cells replicate to healthy cells.) With Faith and doing what you can to help your cells do the job you’ve given them and with working with the energy that flows thru and around your body, you will actually be able to do ‘miracles’ for your health. Such as, getting rid of Disease, Pain, Addictions, Stress/PTSD, and even Aging. You’ll be able to control your Weight and ALL other Health issues. Yes, this is truly all possible.

We store in our cells all trauma throughout our lives and even the trauma from our parents through the DNA they gave us. So, the Reprogramming is followed with a Trauma Clearing Session by working with energy frequencies to cover many situations. By now, the cells are already doing what they have been programmed to do and starting to make the body healthier.

You learn how to use a pendulum and receive a Homework Sheet so you have reminders and can do the Energy Routine for controlling your energy. This is an approximate three hour session. Autism and Pediatric Cancer are a shorter special session.

My HEALING sessions can be Private or in a Group. There are no pills or medications involved. You don’t have to lie down. I do not touch you. You will not be hypnotized. You have Free Will over all. Actually, you pretty much just sit there and listen to what I explain as we put you in control.

I realize this sounds preposterous, because you may not have even heard of ‘working with the energy of your body’, let alone do all of this for healing your bodies cells. Why should you feel you deserve to have these Health problems: because of age? Our bodies were created to stay young and healthy for many, many years. Learn how to keep your body that way.

These HEALINGS may be instantaneous or overnight or occur after many cells have replicated or after a lesson is learned; if a lesson needed to be learned. But they will happen, because you are in control.

Private Cellular Reprogramming Healing Session: $100
Reverse Aging Cellular Reprogramming Session inc. book: $150
Family/Friend Group Cellular Reprogramming Party: $50 each individual w/at least eight participating



Since everything is energy and vibrating at different frequencies, it is our job to keep ourselves in a coherently ‘balanced’ energetic state. Stress, acidity and outside influences create toxic waveforms that disrupt how our cells communicate with our bodies.

Example... It is a well-known fact that our bodies are under constant stress by conditions that are man-made and virtually invisible to the human senses. EMF’s and ELF’s are transmitted over waveforms that can penetrate right through the physical body. The stress creates weakened immune function. Any device plugged into the wall, high-tension power lines, cell phones, computers, satellites, microwaves, radio and TV signals are emitting waves which travel into the body, creating significant imbalance in the body’s naturally occurring bio-field.

When the immune system is weakened, the body cannot perform optimally and becomes vulnerable to adverse effects such as bacteria, fungus, viral infection or even worse, degenerative conditions like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and so on.

Vibranz has identified specific frequencies found in healthy organs and systems. Using a ‘Quantum Field Programming Generator’, matching frequencies are infused into Vibranz products. These are called Blueprint Frequencies. I use them to bring your body into balance and achieve a state of overall wellness. When the body returns to a balanced state, the body is able to protect and heal itself.

I can organize your bio-energetic field to bring your body into balance to:

- Reduce Tension & Stress
- Promote Life Changing Results
- Increase Energy, Focus & Clarity

All of my Healing Sessions include the clearing of trauma from the negative traumatic memories stored in the cells with Technology that has the capability of changing subtle energy, birthed in light, to waveforms that harmonically balance physical body parts.

‘In a nutshell’: Energy flows through everything, constantly moving. As the energy flows through our body, through the Chakras and Meridians and through our Organs and Cells, it may be lacking in some required energy frequencies needed for a particular organ or group of cells.

By using Vibranz products, you are capable of adding those needed frequencies where they will help your cellular healing. Vibranz also has products to protect you from constant stress conditions, such as EMF’s and ELF’s. Then there is the Clear Set, that I try to use with every Session to start clearing trauma layered in our cells causing all sorts of health problems, including PTSD. We add to that layering every day.

You may work with your own energy frequencies. Feel free to ask me for info.

P.S. I channeled on whether I should keep all of the different products I was using and Vibranz and a few vitamins were the only ones I was told to keep because the Vibranz products would help my body in the
healing process my cells are going through.
I am doing the Reverse Aging.


Watch my Presentation explaining the three different bodies we have.

My goal is to make everyone healthier with a better quality of life.
Through the video, I’m hoping you will have a better understanding of how your body works
together in many ways and how we have to treat it as a whole for our better quality of life.

Because this video is so informative on how our cells work and I don’t want to take the time to redo it, I am keeping it available. But, you no longer need to get a product to increase your telomeres. By having a one time Cellular Reprogramming Healing Session, your cells will automatically replicate to a new, healthy cell containing DNA and longer telomeres for the rest of your life.

Feel free to email or call me with any general questions that I may be able to answer.

I can help you understand Lifestyle changes that need to be made in your Air, Food, Drinks and Emotions for your MEDICAL BODY.
I can help you clear energy blockages through different energy healing techniques in your ENERGY BODY
I can explain and direct you to the amazing miracles you can receive in your CELLULAR BODY by Reversing Aging and Disease in your cells, naturally.
I can help you balance your bodies energy frequencies; so your cells and body are communicating together.

The following are some of what I can offer you:

We all know the medical body because it’s what we can see and what everything revolves around; diseases, surgeries, doctors, hospitals, insurance, money, etc.

eMail me for the Acid / Alkaline Starter for Health Report or for a separate Acid / Alkaline Forming Foods Chart, which is also in the Report.




The energy body consists of our Auras, Meridians and Chakras that are a ‘web’ of pathways. As explained in the video; I think of our Chakras as train stations and our Meridians as the train tracks, moving energy throughout our bodies. Blockages can cause many problems, eventually disease.

I show you how to remove blockages in your energy flow and correct any wrong direction plus much more.

Descriptions of the Energy Therapies are following CELLULAR BODY.



Since our body is about 100 trillion cells, it would seem logical that we ‘take care of’ and ‘fix’ our cells. This miracle is now possible!!! As cells replicate, which is constant, we can have the cells replicate to healthier cells, rather than the programmed aging cells.



ENERGY HEALING is not a religion.

Before getting comfortable for your Energy Healing:
Spend a few moments breathing deeply through the diaphragm.

Inhale deeply through the nose while pushing out the abdomen
Hold for awhile and visualize the breathe in your heart
Exhale through your lips while pulling in your abdomen
Breathe this way at least 5 X’s.

It would be beneficial for your health to breathe this way a few times a day but always before an energy session.

You may remain fully clothed, except for your shoes.
Mobile phones will need to be turned off and sometimes jewelry removed.
Do not eat during the hour before.

Energy is all there is. Everything that exists in the Universe is energy; vibrating and oscillating at different rates. Humans are also comprised of electromagnetic energy, and every cell, atom and subatomic particle that makes up the human body is vibrating at different rates, depending on their biochemical makeup. Chakras are high-energy spots of the body. We want to raise our ‘vibrations’.

There are massive amounts of info on the internet on energy, including Einstein and Quantum Physics. Science has finally confirmed what has been part of spiritual wisdom for thousands of years; that an unseen energy flows through and connects all living things with names such as: Ki, Chi, Qi, Prana, Light, Spirit, Holy Ghost, Vitality, Life Force, etc.

The body consists of energy centers known as Chakras and a range of energy channels flowing through the body called Meridians. We all have an auric field (7 layers) or Aura surrounding our body and is the energy equivalent of our whole physical body, the Chakras (7 major & many minor) are equivalent of our brain and major organs, and the Meridians are similar to our veins and arteries but carry energy all over the body.

Life-force Energy can be most readily absorbed into the Chakras and distributed throughout the body. This is why we want our Chakras “open and balanced”. We receive Life-force Energy through our food, water, air and emotions; and that is why it is so important to have a healthy lifestyle to receive positive and nutritional energy aimed at being alkaline and balanced, rather than acidic.

MENTAL...EMOTIONAL...PHYSICAL...SPIRITUAL or Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit




Give the gift of Healing for your loved one.

I am so excited you’ve decided to learn to control your health. You will be amazed at what will and can happen. Since you will be asked for a Date and Time, please call or email me for a Reservation and any questions you may have. If I am helping someone to start their healing, leave a message and I will get back with you as soon as possible.


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