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As many of you have heard: We need Balance in our lives. This refers to many different aspects of our lives.
But, we will be referring to Balance of the diet. Balance of your diet can control eating disorders, overweight,
underweight, or in-between. Balance of the acid and alkaline in the diet or balancing your pH can affect
every aspect of your health.

When your pH levels in your body are balanced, you will have increased energy, mental clarity, and you will
look healthier as your skin will have a glow about it. Degenerative Diseases will be better controlled or possibly

Balancing your pH (explained more in Acid/Alkaline Starter for Health, available on : is not as easy as it may sound.

  • Since your body is 70-80% water, it would be prudent to assume you should drink alkaline water.
  • The food you digest should be 80-85% alkaline and 15-20% acidic.
  • Supplementing your nutrition is an absolute necessity and makes alkalinity much easier and

I have found a line of fantastic pH Balance Products, very reasonably priced,
that can restore your health and your life and regain your Balance.

Gloria Bell


Test strips to keep checking your pH level:

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Green Superfood Powder of over 30 Alkalizing Foods:

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Alkaline Minerals to neutralize damaging acids:

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+ many more Body pH Balancers:

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Here is a 3 Day Green Your Body Program from Team pHion at pHion Balance to
increase your energy, decrease your toxicity, all while shedding a few pounds along the
way. Hereʼs how it works: youʼre going to FLOOD your body with alkalizing greens,
water and oxygen over a 3 day period and when you do, youʼre going to flush out a
yearʼs worth of built-up acids, calcification and toxins.

The items needed for this program are simple and easy:
one water bottle; preferably 24 - 32 ounces
one bottle of pHion Balance Green Superfood in powder format
12 to 15 organic lemons
3 to 5 gallons of alkaline water
A desire to be healthier!
The acids that build up in your body are the “metabolic acids” like uric acid from meats,
sulfuric acid from eggs, and phosphoric from sodas. The acids from fruits like citrus, as
well and malic acid from apples do not get stored in your body, and actually help get rid
of metabolic acids. Metabolic acids build up more and more when you are dehydrated
and/or you do not keep your body fluids (lymph, intracellular, extracellular) constantly in
an ALKALINE state.

When your body fluids become “saturated” with metabolic acids, excess acids get
deposited or stored in your tissues, joints, organs, artery walls, etc. In order to
temporarily neutralize them in your tissues, your body will deposit alkaline element like
sodium, calcium, or magnesium on these acids.

When your body builds up these calcified acids, you may experience different health
problems, such as fatigue, nerve disorders, joint problems, liver problems, kidney
disorders, weight problems, etc.

URIC ACID...Uric acid from meats can only be broken down within an enzyme called
uricase, but as humans we donʼt produce it, so it needs to be neutralized and flushed
out of your body. It is also hard to eliminate via your kidneys, and requires a significant
amount of water to do so. Excess urich acid deposits show-up as sodium urate along
your arterial walls (hardening of the arteries), sodium urate in your joints (arthritis) or in
your feet (gout). Eliminating these uric acid deposit requires a lot of WATER in your
body fluids and blood. A diet containing 2 servings of meat a day and the lack of alkaline
minerals and water can lead to over a tablespoon of uric acid salts getting started in
your body in just one year.

CARBONIC ACID/CARBONATE...Carbonate can form when your body is low in one of
the primary buffers: bicarbonate. When carbonic acid mixes with calcium, calcium
carbonate is formed. Calcium carbonate can “calcify” your liver, pancreas, colon and
kidneys. Ironically, the only way to dissolve these calcified deposits and “plaque” is with
acid, but the right kind of acid: citric acid. Citric acid is converted in your body into
carbonic acid (which you expel as C02) and water. Carbonic acid can dissolve away
built-up calcium carbonate, but it requires that you expel more CO2 than normal in order
to do so. (Weʼll touch on how to do that later).

PHOSPHORIC ACID... Phosphoric acids are found in soft drinks. When they gather,
they can form stones (kidney, liver, gallbladder) as well as calcium deposits in your
joints (arthritis). Your body uses calcium or magnesium to neutralize them, forming
calcium phosphate, magnesium phosphate, etc.

Letʼs use an easy-to-understand example: if you didnʼt brush your teeth for a month,
plaque would build up, right? That plaque is a mix of acids with alkaline elements that
neutralize them. Since we canʼt brush our arteries, joints, organs, etc.; imagine how
easy it is for them to get lined with plaque? While you canʼt “brush away” stored acids in
your body as fast as you can with the tooth brush, you can brush a lot of them away, if
you follow this plan.

Choose a 3 day window; preferably Thursday through Sunday, because your work
distractions should be minimized. Each day, simply following these 10 steps throughout
the day:

1. Upon wakening, fill a 24 - 32 ounce water bottle with alkaline water, then add in 2 - 3
teaspoons of pHion Balance Green Superfood along with the juice of a whole organic
lemon. You donʼt have to “chug” it down immediately, we suggest that you try to drink
it over a 15 min. period. This surge of fluid acts like a tide in your body, leading away
all the assets that are released by the dissolving action of the lemon juice. The
alkaline elements in the pHion Balance Green Superfood will bind to these acids for
elimination, while the chlorophyll will help you build more blood and increase
circulation, and the fiber will help brush away toxins and acids. The acidic CO2 from
the lemon juice will be expelled while you breathe. Note: if you donʼt want to drink a
whole leader of “green drink”, then put 2 - 3 teaspoons in 8 ounces of alkaline water
and drink that; then drink more water separately.

2. Once youʼre done drinking, do 15 min. of deep breathing exercises. I know this may
seem a bit unusual, but once you do this, and FEEL it, youʼll see why it works! Simply
breathe in deeply and exhale deeply. Also, do intermittent periods of holding your
breath for 30 seconds, followed by a few deep breaths. You can do this while
meditating, reading, or watching TV. Itʼs very important to do, because it will allow
your body to release the CO2 from the carbonic acid (from the lemons) at a faster
rate, thus causing it to dissolve calcified deposits at a faster rate. Deep breathing also
simulates the lymph system to flush away acids from tissues. Itʼs also good to stretch
and bend over so that your head is as low as you can get it...This helps get the
“blood” to your brain so that you flush away acids faster.

3. For breakfast, eat some grapefruit, orange, an apple or other fresh fruit. This plan
works best if you refrain from eating any acid–forming foods like meat/dairy, etc. If
you stick to fresh fruits and veggies, salads, etc., it will be more effective.

4. Some time between breakfast and lunch, make another green dream with pHion
Balance Green Superfood, the juice of an organic lemon and 24–32 ounces of
alkaline water.

5. Once youʼre done drinking, do 15 min. of deep breathing exercises.

6. For lunch, keep it fresh and light...salads, cold–pressed oilʼs, etc.

7. Some time between lunch and dinner, make another green drink of pHion Balance
Green Superfood, the juice of an organic lemon and 24–32 ounces of alkaline water.

8. Once youʼre done drinking, do 15 min. of deep breathing exercises.

9. For dinner, keep it fresh and light again...salads, cold–pressed oils, etc.

10. Make sure you also eliminate any built-up urine in your bladder before you go to bed
to allow for plenty of room for the overnight gathering of toxins within your body.


If you hit it hard, you can drink 2 gallons of alkaline water per day and literally the built–
up acid waste for months and months. Youʼll notice that you feel super energetic all day
long and that will help keep you with the plan. If you feel hungry, do the breathing
exercises and drink more, as it will help to curb your appetite.

Hereʼs how you can do this program for little added cost to your daily budget if you can
save $15 a day for the 3 days youʼre on this plan by eating less, not eating out, skipping
Starbucks, and refraining from that nightly glass of wine, then this program wonʼt cost
you anything more than you already spent!