Vitamix Green SmootieI want to explain why I am offering you information on the Vitamix 5200.
While writing the book,CANCER Support Acid-Zucchini”, there came about a lot of
conclusions from all the research. One such conclusion is,
If you are fighting a death-defying
disease, you absolutely must get your immune system up.
One way is to get as much
nutrition as possible. That is where the
Vitamix comes in.

I have had the same Vitamixer for about 25 years and it’s still working great. It has been
used almost every day during that time and replaced any and all blenders and juicers and
bread makers. Since the
Vitamix does so many jobs for your health, I found myself
mentioning the
Vitamix constantly throughout the book. The Vitamix will give you a healthier
lifestyle. When I purchased my first Vitamixer, it was called a Vitamixer. Now, it is a
Vitamix or Vita-Mix.

and the AFFILIATE PROGRAM will help support CANCER SupportRaw Power Vitamix
In Good Health,
Gloria Bell


You want to prevent a disease or
You have a disease.

Go Green VitamixEither way
Your immune system is probably down
Your body is probably too acidic

To solve this
You need to fill your body with the nutrition it is lacking.
You need to concentrate on 80% alkaline to 20% acidic.

To do this
★Use WHOLE Foods, preferably ORGANIC.
★Use NUTRITIONAL parts of the whole foods you would usually not use.
★Capture all the PHYTONUTRIENTS and ANTIOXIDANTS from your fresh fruits and
vegetables and whole grains.
★Have more FLAVOR in the food you Vitamix.
★Make NUTRITIOUS SMOOTHIES, beyond your wildest dreams.
★JUICING can put much more nutrition in your body compared to what you could
possibly eat as whole food.
★You can add NUTRITIOUS VEGGIES to your juicing that you wouldn’t particularly eat
★When juicing, the cell walls of the whole fruits and vegetables are pulverized to
release the JUICE, yet retaining all the nutritious whole food FIBER. You get much
more nutrients plus much more juice with NO WASTE. You will have to add water
(preferably alkaline) to make juice from the thicker puree’.
★Use less PROCESSED foods from the market by making your own easily; such as
mayonnaise, peanut or almond butter, bread crumbs, XXX sugar.
★Make your own NON-DAIRY milk.
★Do WET or DRY CHOPPING, whatever your recipe calls for.
★Cook hot SOUPS and SAUCES from fresh, whole produce.
★Create frozen YOGURTS and SHERBETS in under a minute.
★Grind your own FRESH COFFEE.
★Crack whole grains for CEREAL.
★Grind your own WHOLE GRAINS into nutritious flours.
★KNEAD these flours into healthy, preservative-free dough for breads and rolls.
★Create LOW-FAT and LOW-CARB recipes easily.
★Make room temperature foods, hot soup, or cold ice cream all in one machine.
★This is just a few ideas of what you can expect from a Vitamix 5200.
★No attachments needed for over 50 different kitchen processes for your health.
★Practically cleans itself.

Gone Raw Vitamix
If your goal is a lifetime of good health for you and your loved ones,
a Vitamixer 5200 is for you.

1. Simply go to the Vitamix website
2. Decide which Vitamix 5200 you would like
3. Click the BUY NOW
4. When you get to the Promotional Code box, fill in 06-006128
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