Besides what I offer on pages  & in healing modalities, I offer you the following:
I would love to offer you a complimentary, no obligation 15 - 45 minute session by phone, email or Skype to discuss your situation. 
I’m available for Private Coaching or Group Speaking or Fund Raising or 3 Day Healing Program. 

Just send me your name and info to 
reserve a complimentary discussion.
Gloria Bell
Text or Voicemail: 702-496-1614


GROUP SPEAKING: Gloria Bell is available to speak to groups, based on her book, of those having a goal of becoming healthier for themselves and those they love. Also, to companies wanting healthier employees.

United States & Canada…………..$5,000 USD *
International………………….……..$8,000 USD *
* This speaking fee does not include expenses of airfare, hotel, ground transportation, food and all other miscellaneous expenses for traveling outside of the Las Vegas, NV area. Savings are available if you select a Cash or Pre-Pay Option for a 6 month out or more scheduling. Ask for more details on this option.
Gloria Bell will make every effort to be accommodating and work within your speaker budget. She books her engagements 1-18 months in advance. 
Gloria also offers volume discounts on her book, “Healing Yourself Made Simple”, to be included in your conference welcome bags and given to all attendees upon registration.

To schedule a speaking engagement, send a Text or Voicemail to Gloria 
(702) 496-1614 to schedule a private call or send a RFQ email 


FUND RAISING: Have your church, school or group receive at least 100 books, “Healing Yourself Made Simple” at a discount to resell at their price. 


PRIVATE COACHING: I will help you schedule your personal goal of becoming healthier after a private, complimentary call, discussing your goals.

60 Day Fast Start Program…$1595


3 DAY HEALING PROGRAM: (3 days in a row) Consists of cleansing, detoxing, exercising and lifestyle changes with a rigorous schedule to be followed. Each day will include a one on one 2-4 hour session of  Energy Healing w/quantum physics:

Energetic Facial and Uplifting Facelift
Spector-Chrome Color Therapy
Activating your Immune System
Unitarian Sound Reiki
Clearing Emotional Trauma
Solfeggio Scale of Tones


I am also 1 of  3 in a Healing Program: LFO (Love, Forgiveness, Oneness)

We HEAL as 3, from the heart, combining:

 Unitarian Sound Reiki
 Clearing Emotional Trauma

This Healing Session is done in Las Vegas on you personally; 
while three powerful Energy Healers engage in removing 
Emotional Trauma that is stored in your cells, 
causing health and emotional problems in your life.

Gloria Bell
Text or Voicemail:   702-496-1614


Listed above prices have a potential for change.